Do you have a SME Business that can
Scale to 100+ Crore?

We fund SMEs for

Raise On Demand Growth Capital for SMEs

The Fund is sector agnostic, with a focus on sectors with strong linkage to domestic consumption including Manufacturing, HealthTech, FinTech, Agri-Tech & Emerging Tech.

What Does
Entrepreneurs Parliament Do ?

  • EP is a Growth accelerator, which gives you access to Intellectual Capital from our strong industry linkages
  • Access to New Markets to build demand & revenue
  • On Demand Growth Capital to make it work for you

What it means for SMEs ?

  • Get vetted on ‘Invest Ready Framework’ developed by seasoned investors & industry leaders
  • Business Development & Revenue Traction
  • Market Access
  • Opportunity/Visibility to Trade fairs etc.
  • Investments

Who can apply?

  • SMEs with annual revenue of 50 Lacs or more
  • Must be Revenue Positive
  • Consistent Growth Over the last 3 Years.

What Does The Association Look Like?

The base eligibility criteria for SMEs is being revenue positive
and an annual revenue of around 50L+.

Association works on below model:

Revenue Share Model on the New revenue growth from Association

Right to Invest in SME at a discounted mutually agreed rate

Aside we charge a small onboarding fees starts from 50k/Month

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Frequently asked questions

Is Entrepreneurs Parliament only for early stage capital raising?

Not so — Entrepreneurs Parliament is a complete ecosystem of founders, investors, counselors and growth partners which works with companies at all stages of raising on demand capital. We work with companies that have Monthly recurring revenue and need funding to exponentiate growth. It’s not just for companies in the Round B, Round C, or Round D of raising capital funds

What is the selection criteria on the platform for companies?

Entrepreneurs Parliament follows a rigorous vetting process that includes a financial audit, legal audit, and business potential audit. After this we pass your portfolio and capital raise, to a panel of venture sharks who assess the profitability and feasibility of your venture. We then make your profile live on our platform where it is assessed by a pool of 3000+ investors.

What Size of Raises do founders make on the platform?

How much you wish to raise in a round is up to you. However if you have more questions like this you can speak with the dedicated fund advisor & equity counselor assigned to you. As part of the ecosystem, you get access to all our resources to increase the efficiency of your raise.

I’ve already been in talks with traditional VCs about capital– can I still work with you?

Yes — why not? You would want the best raise for your equity whether you are in it at the seed stage, early stage or bridging capital. Visit the Founders Page to know more about our services to save time on financial, due diligence, capitalization, revenue and margin trends.

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