Growth Accelerator for Unlisted Growing Companies

Entrepreneurs Parliament

Entrepreneurs Parliament serves as a growth accelerator for unlisted growing companies and works with them as growth consultants. We started in 2017 & established in 2021 to help entrepreneurs and businesses get the knowledge they need to grow their businesses at the pace they desire.


“To create a Global ecosystem for
Enterprising Entrepreneurs”


“To become a $100 Billion economy by 2030 by creating enterprising entrepreneurs”

What we do as ‘Growth Accelerator’

We provide Unparalleled Growth for Startus, SMEs, MSME by working on


We help you find top talent, hiring senior leaders and redefining business models to achieve 10x growth.


With our integrated capital market, we help you raise on demand capital needed to achieve the desired business goals.


We help you devise the product/service-market fit, creating a business blue-print for a sustainable sales model & access to global markets to accelerate your growth.

As a Growth Accelerator we provide access to our strong Investor Community who have raised over 50 Million for Indian Companies, and access to over 400+ Seasoned Advisors across the Industry Verticals.

Proven Framework of ‘Usthil’

We have successfully implemented Usthil Methodology on more than 100 Companies & generated revenue around 50 Million dollars along with raising more than 1 Billion dollar funds for Indian Companies.



Imagine having one core product or service that is capable of generating business even when you’re sleeping.



Imagine Having a Team who will understand your goal and stand with you in the journey of growth.


Imagine having leadership skills that will help businesses and the people around you.
Model of Selling

Model of Selling

Imagine having the ability to get a customer to self-commit to your product/service and pay you a premium price.


Imagine starting a company with all the essential components and taking it to the next level.

 EP Exchange

EP Exchange

Imagine having a platform for startus, SMEs & MSMEs to raise demand Capital through Equity, Debt and provide insights to create value.

What is ‘EP Exchange’

Full Service Capital Market

For Investor

  1. Entrepreneurs Parliament is a private market for investors to discover, co-invest and exit in high growth private companies.
  2. Companies can raise ‘need-based’ capital through multiple rounds as they grow
  3. They have access to multiple security instruments for capital raise – they must use the one best suited to them at their stage

For SME Owners

  1. Can discover and engage with companies in multiple ways and follow them to understand
  2. Can invest in a company when they feel confident – research based informed investing
  3. Can invest in primary rounds of companies as well as pick up equity through secondary market

Frequently asked questions

Is Entrepreneurs Parliament only for early stage capital raising?
Not so — Entrepreneurs Parliament is a complete ecosystem of founders, investors, counselors, and growth partners which works with companies at all stages of raising on-demand capital. We work with monthly recurring revenue companies that need funding to exponentiate growth. It’s not just for companies in Round B, Round C, or Round D of raising capital funds
What is the selection criteria on the platform for companies?

Entrepreneurs Parliament follows a rigorous vetting process that includes a financial audit, legal audit, and business potential audit. After this we pass your portfolio and capital raise, to a panel of venture sharks who assess the profitability and feasibility of your venture. We then make your profile live on our platform where it is assessed by a pool of 3000+ investors.

What Size of Raises do founders make on the platform?
How much you wish to raise in a round is up to you. However, if you have more questions like this you can speak with the dedicated fund advisor & equity counselor assigned to you. As part of the ecosystem, you get access to all our resources to increase the efficiency of your raise.
I’ve already been in talks with traditional VCs about capital– can I still work with you?
Yes — why not? You would want the best raise for your equity whether you are in it at the seed stage, early stage, or bridging capital. Visit the Founders Page to learn more about our services to save time on financial, due diligence, capitalization, revenue, and margin trends.

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    Entrepreneurs Parliament is a fundraising ecosystem working with founders to raise valuable growth capital. We give you exclusive entry into the close-knit community of venture capital to boost your business.

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